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Uber will donate $5 million to sexual assault prevention

It's as much about repairing the company as helping a good cause.

Uber's quest to reform its behavior now includes donations to good causes.

How to Raffle a Car

A popular way to raise money for a charity, school, or nonprofit is to raffle a vehicle.

Minnesota man donates collection of 30,000 cars to church

When Dennis Erickson died, he had no one to bequeath his collection of toy cars. So he left it all to his church - all 30,000 miniatures, and a few full-scale ones too.

How to Gift a Car

If you’re feeling generous, you can give your car away for free.

How to Get a Car For Free When You Have a Disability

If you have a disability it is often quite difficult to get around.

Goodyear blimp gondola heads for museum

Goodyear is donating a 33-year-old gondola that's served under three airships, flown over three Super Bowls and won a Guinness World Record, to the Crawford Auto Aviation Museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

Toyota Prius Plug-in fuel-economy challenge offers $20,000 in prizes

Sure, it's a PR play to raise awareness for the Toyota Prius Plug-in, but Toyota's first-ever Prius MPG Challenge is for a good cause. Fifteen of them, for starters.

Chevrolet donates 300 vehicles damaged by Sandy to help train first responders

Super Storm Sandy took out a lot of automobiles in its path of destruction through the Northeast last October. The number surpassed 250,000 at last count, and a few of those were owned by Chevrolet – cars either sitting on dealership lots or waiting at port to be shipped off. Rendered uns

Ram raises a quick $1 million for farmers with Super Bowl ad

While Chrysler has been behind the Super Bowl's most talked-about commercials for the past few years, this is the first year the automaker has added an element of charity to its marketing plans for the big game.

Donated Think EVs idled because of improper recharging?

"So about those free cars you donated to us..."

Thanks to those who helped Brenda Priddy and The March of Dimes

We just wanted to thank those who donated to the March of Dimes and helped spring Brenda Priddy from the slammer for her Jail & Bail fundraiser. She not only reached her goal but exceeded it by 50% with a lot of help from generous Autoblog readers. Brenda has decided to be extra generous and is opening up her spy coffers to thank each person who donated with a token of her

Giving in the name of Richard Hammond

The world of auto enthusiasts was surely shocked to learn about the very serious accident Top Gear host Richard Hammond suffered on Wednesday. Current reports tell us he is now out of intensive care and in stable condition.