Citron may sell cars in Canada, eh

While in France for the 2006 Paris Motor Show, every time Eric Bryant and I passed a Citroën C4 he would comment, "Damn, those C4s are nice". Indeed they are Eric, and we may soon be able to direct you across the river into Windsor if you'd like to purchase one. It seems the Citroën is eyeing Canadia as its next potential overseas market, according Ward's Auto. A few conditions make this move a smart one for Citroën. First, it's just plain easier to get a vehicle certified for sale in Canada than it is in the U.S., what with the whole National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Environmental Protection Agency breathing down your neck. Canada has equivalent government agencies and standards, but they're not as difficult to please as our own. Second, Canada is developing new auto emissions laws for 2010 that could make Citroën's Euro-market diesel engines very attractive, assuming the new rules favor lower greenhouse gas emissions rather than reducing nitrogen-oxide production. Finally, there's Quebec, the bastion of Franco culture in Canada that accounts for 23 percent of all vehicle purchases there. Citroën should expect a particularly warm welcome in its home away from home of Quebec.

[Source: Ward's Auto]

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