AutoblogGreen content being swiped

I was perusing my Technorati feeds this evening when I spotted some familiar words. It was the post I wrote this morning about Saab bringing their flex-fuel cars to the Australian market. However it wasn't coming from this site. It was on a page hosted over on, a free blog hosting service from the creators of wordpress. I checked out the site and it was populated with all the posts from It had all the images on our posts, links, everything. Well almost everything. There was no attribution or references to AutoblogGreen. support has been contacted and hopefully the site will get shutdown promptly. In the meantime if you're reading this content and you're not on the site, please go there and let us know where you found our content. Quoting other's content and commenting on it is OK but it needs to be attributed and hopefully linked. That's how the web works.

update: responded very quickly and the site in question has been taken down. However, if you do spot content from AutoBlog or AutoBlogGreen being posted anywhere else without attribution please let us know.

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