An American in Paris disses the Euro Focus

We spend so much time on this blog bemoaning the fact that Ford has yet to offer to the "Euro" Focus in the United States. So much time, in fact, that we fear the concept of a C1-based Focus on U.S. soil has been placed on a pedestal and is widely considered to be the smartest move Ford has never made.
While all that might be true, it was refreshing to read Edmunds editor Erin Riches recount her experience renting a Ford Focus ZX5 TDCi in France (Editor's note: we have no idea if she visited Paris while there, but who goes to France and doesn't visit Paris?). Franc-ly, she was not impressed. Knowing the Euro Focus is based on the same platform as the lauded Mazda3 and Volvo S3, perhaps she was expecting a car that could carve a twisty path between wineries and plow down cobblestone streets with aplomb. Alas, she found the ride "soft, soft, soft" and the steering uncommunicative, which surprised her considering how fun our Focus can be to drive in any trim level. The nail in the coffin was Ford's 1.6-liter TDCi diesel engine, which while able to lurch around for 400 miles between fill ups, was noisier and clunkier than modern day diesels from Volkswagen.

Of course, this doesn't mean Ford is off the hook with the North American market. It just means that now we want Ford to fix the soft suspension, sharpen up the steering and have a better diesel available before it brings the Euro Focus to our dealers. You know what? Forget all that, just sell the Focus ST here and we'll call it even.

[Source: The Driving Woman]

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