VIDEO: Honda Civic Type-R in Paris

We're going to spare you the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth that seems to take place every time a new Type-R is released and the U.S. is left off the shipping invoice. It's safe to say that we're getting used to the disappointment, but when we compare the newly designed Euro-Civic to our own two- and four-door offerings, it feels like the knife gets twisted a little deeper into our gut.

For those of you who are blessed with slightly thicker skin and won't start sobbing uncontrollably at the unfair world in which we live, Honda was kind enough to produce a little montage of their new Civic Type-R as it sat on its stand in Paris. The video provides some drool-worthy shots of all the little details that adorn their newest FF-fun box.

The Type-R, for those of you who haven't already pored over the specs, will come equipped with a 2-liter, 200 hp inline-4 that will consume the sprint to 60 in about six and half seconds. The iVTEC powerplant will putter around like any other Honda until about 5,800 RPM, when the second cam lobe brings the engine to boil and proceeds to runs the tach to its 8k redline. A six-speed manual sends power to the seven-spoke, 18" alloys, wrapped in 225/40 rubber of unspecified origin. The interior benefits from Alcantara wrapped racing buckets, a three-spoke wheel, the love-it or hate-it, two-tier dash and a 'Start' button that allows the lucky owner to channel the part of the brain that controls racing ambitions.

In the meantime, we'll wallow in self-pity, occasionally asking why the Honda-Gods are angry with us, again.

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