New study shows U.S. automakers losing money on every car

According to a new study performed by the automotive industry analysts at the Harbour Felax Group, our own Big Two-Point-Five are losing more money, per vehicle, than their Japanese counterparts.

The study examined how much profit each manufacturer made on individual vehicle sales and the results identify deep consumer discounts, such as employee pricing, deeper discounts for fleet sales and an overall lack of focus on design as the primary culprits.

So how much money is GM, Ford and Chrysler losing per car and pickup? For GM, their average loss is $1,271 per vehicle, with Ford behind $451 per unit and Chrysler making a profit of $144 on average.

For comparison, Nissan leads the profitability pack at $2,135 per vehicle, with Toyota and Honda coming in at $1,715 and $1,259 respectively.

Naturally, the rapid increase in the cost of health care and a fluctuation in exchange rates are also to blame, but overall, several factors are in play that the General, FoMoCo and Chrysler actually have control over.

[Source: Reuters via BloggingStocks]

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