Holden Commodore will come to the States

We import excitement! That just might be the most appropriate new slogan for Pontiac. It's about time they listened to enthusiasts and brought over GM's best from overseas. Although the Monaro-based GTO hasn't been a huge sales success for the division, it's not for lack of performance. The GTO is a real kick to drive and makes wonderful noise with its Corvette-sourced powerplant. Solstice sales are moving at a pretty good clip thanks in no small part to the solid Opel platform the Pontiac roadster rides on. And now we have great news for Commodore fans, too. No, not THE Commodores, the Holden-built sedan from down under.

In an effort to go head-to-head with BMW, GM has decided to bring a version of the Holden Commodore stateside to be badged as a Pontiac. It will be unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show early next year. Bob Lutz was practically beaming as he made the thinly-veiled announcement encouraging people to go to Chicago, where "all will be revealed." The rear-drive Commodore should not only give Pontiac a real sports sedan offering, but the platform will undoubtedly see numerous permutations in the U.S. One of the candidates to use the platform is the production Chevrolet Camaro that has wowed crowds with its retro pony car styling.

[Source: Sydney Morning Herald]

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