Autoblog's Erin Mays is on-site at the auto industry's annual Management Briefing Seminars this week, and she reports that General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner announced Thursday, "As evidence that we're not completely brain-dead, GM will build the Chevy Camaro." A fully brain-functional Wagoner posed with a red version of the concept car for the obligatory photo-op (above).

Production of the Camaro will begin in late 2008, and the much-anticipated car will hit showrooms in early 2009, presumably after a massive debut at the '09 Detroit Auto Show.

Not much new, but here are the highlights:
  • RWD with independent rear suspension
  • V6 and V8 versions, manual and automatic transmissions
  • styling will closely resemble the concept car
  • asked about a droptop Camaro, Wagoner would only say, "It will come in many shapes and sizes."
  • no comment on a possible Pontiac Firebird version
[Source: GM]

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