Wrightspeed builder touts his electric supercar

With all the recent attention on the Tesla, Ian Wright is in full gear promoting his exotic Wrightspeed X1 electric supercar.

Promising a 0-60 time of three seconds and 0-100-0 clocking of 11.2 seconds, the X1 can deliver supercar performance but is it practical? With an open cockpit, a seat that doesn't look comfortable and a nose begging to be tested against a wall, the X1 will turn heads but it's strictly for afternoon drives. No commuting or even weekend trips in this $120,000 boy toy.

However, expanding the definition of an electric supercar is exciting. Wright is facing the same problem that any electric-car manufacturer does: short battery life. His 538-pound battery pack is good for about 100 miles light cruising but only 25 in all-out racing trim. That's about 10 laps at Willow Springs.

Wright, who used to work at Tesla, sees a large supercar market but also finds that owners can quickly become bored with their cars. He thinks the performance of his car will make the difference.


[Source: CNET]

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