Black Thai: Galmer Arbitrage GT

There are only a handful of car-exporting countries, even fewer building supercars. And Thailand ain't one of 'em. That'll all change in 2008 when the Galmer Arbitrage GT is scheduled to launch.

The carbon fiber supercar will be propelled by a Chevy LS7 V8 displacing seven liters and producing 500 horsepower, though the engine could be tweaked all the way up to 800. Redline-running will be managed by a six-speed transmission, and from the picture, it appears the car will run on carbon fiber rims as well.

The spacious cockpit is accessed via Enzo/SLR-style up-and-forward pivoting doors, opened with fingerprint readers. Inside the Galmer will offer a digital touchscreen panel to access auxiliary controls.

The car will be produced in a limited run of 350, a staggering 250 of which are destined for the US. Due to stiff costs associated with American homologation regulations, Galmer plans on shipping the cars semi-assembled. With a name like Arbitrage, it seems like Galmer hope to make some nice margins on the car. There are a lot of big thinkers with deep pockets out there dreaming of making their own supercar, but like all newcomers, the Arbitrage will have to post some impressive times to earn its cred.

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[Source: Motor Authority]

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