Secretariat of the Global Bioenergy Partnership opens shop

This could be the biggest thing in biofuels yet. The Secretariat of the Global Bioenergy Partnership, which was launched in May at the 14th Session of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development and is designed to promote the use of bioenergy, opened for business this week. While not directly tied to promoting transportation biofuels, the Secretariat's mandate is to increase biofuel production, marketing and use around the world, and will focus on their use in developing countries. Having an office (located in Rome, Italy) dedicated to to coordinating information sharing and promotion "supportive policy frameworks and identify[ing] ways of fostering investments and removing barriers to the development and implementation of joint projects" should go a long way to making biofuels more accepted and available around the world, and you know that sooner or later some of it is going into a car or two.
[Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations]

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