Website Spotlight: Shim, Patrick Shim

So as we get ready for another long weekend of staying indoors, watching the Ryder Cup, and bloggin' for your amusement, we'd like to let you in on a little secret. We have dreams too. We dream of being able to rub elbows with the rich and famous. Heck even infamous would be a step up. We long to get outside long enough to visit exotic locales, to attend VIP-only parties, to test drive yachts and private jets and exotic cars on a weekly basis. To be part of that jet set crowd we've heard so much about. To be rich and famous, indulging in our champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

And so we look for opportunities. The recent loan of a Bentley Flying Spur for three days in the AB garage. The offer to drive the Koenigsegg CCX. The chance to attend Pebble on AB's dime. But alas, these moments of tasting the good life are few and far between. And so we look for others through whom we can live the good life vicariously. People who live this life and have the good sense to document it and post it for all of us to share. Such a man is Patrick Shim. Follow the jump for more.

Patrick is like an Asian James Bond. Polo matches, luxury yachts, private jets, and simply amazing cars. Oh God, the cars. Now lest you get the wrong impression, Patrick is no Paris Hilton. He wasn't born rich and he appears to be the least spoiled person we've ever encountered. He is simply one of those people who creates his own luck. He has an incomprehensible ability to focus and achieve and seems grateful for every opportunity that comes his way. Even the failures.

Reading through his blog and viewing the photos helps you appreciate the power of hard work and determination. Starting a business as a senior in high school, ROTC, dot-com startups and failures, organizing speaking engagements for prominent business and community figures, offering private wealth management services to the upper crust, you would think he's a middle-aged man, but you'd be wrong. Patrick is a young guy who just uses his talents and contacts to keep moving up the ladder. And sometimes that means lateral moves or backing up a few rungs, but he always seems to have his eye on the top. But enough about Patrick, as nice as he may be. We really want to know about the cars.

Although his personal rides and brushes with law enforcement can be found on his site, it is the cars of his friends that make this a must-visit site. Vector W8, Enzo, SLR, Carrera GT, 250 GTO, Mosler, F50, Bora, Ferrari FX, Leno's Tank Car, Brera, XJ220 S, 300SL Gullwing, the list reads like a dreamcar encyclopedia. And it's not all snapshots from local car shows. There are pics of Patrick behind the wheel of some of these beauties too. And how about the people? Dan Gurney, Jay Leno, Ken Okuyama, Barry Meguiar, Gerald Weigert, just to name a few. And that's just from the car world. The whole thing is rather inspiring and it's easy to imagine yourself in Patrick's shoes. So if you find yourself a little down in the dumps, do yourself a favor and check out the personal website of Patrick Shim. You'll be reminded of how hard work and determination can pay off.

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