Spy Shots: Hyundai Arnejs

Earlier this month, Hyundai released a few images of the Arnejs concept car that it will be debuting in Paris next week. While the concept is a stunning example of what a C-class car could be, CarScoop has posted spy shots of what it actually will be when it goes into production. The guys over at CarScoop are rightfully disappointed by the softening of the concept's hard lines in the production version, we aren't really that surprised.

While we know that Hyundai can produce some wild concepts, we don't think its management is gutsy enough to bring one unfiltered to the market. Unlike companies such as DaimlerChrylser, Hyundai is more conservative during the transfer of concept to production. Lately automakers have adopted a strategy of debuting concepts that are truly 95 percent production ready. This excludes the really crazy futuristic concepts, of course, but this sort of strategy is what many were hoping Hyundai would adopt in the case of the Arnejs.

[Source: CarScoop]

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