Badge engineering gone bad: the Dodge Attitude

Hey Dodge, Hyundai's marketing crew called, they want you to go to Mexico and try a little harder to badge engineer the Accents they sold you. That's right, the car sold in the US by Hyundai as the Accent is sold in Mexico as the Dodge Attitude. It doesn't stop at the Accent either, the Hyundai Atos, a city car sold throughout the world, is also part of this badge engineered deal.

It's not really much of a surprise the two have teamed up in Mexico to market a couple small Korean cars as Dodges. The North American wing of DCX has nothing in the subcompact and micro classes, and with U.S. domestics still highly regarded in Mexico, it's no wonder that Hyundai choose to market through another manufacturer. And there isn't anything inherently wrong in this arrangement; it's just painful to see such a poor attempt to reuse Hyundai's own press photos and Photoshop in a Dodge emblem. You guys couldn't even spring for a new set of Glamour Shots?

Check out the doctored pics after the jump.

(Thanks for the tip, Neal!)

Dodge Attitude (Hyundai Accent)

Dodge Atos (Hyundai Atos)

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