eBay Find of the Day - Winding Road: eBay Motors Edition

In our eternal quest for odd and exciting auctions on eBay Motors, we were surprised to find a new link on the homepage that led us to a special version of Winding Road called the eBay Motors Edition. We're always curious as to what those digital publishers are up to, so we downloaded a free copy (all issues of Winding Road are free to download, for those who don't know).

Winding Road: eBay Motors Edition differs from the standard mag in that it's aimed directly at those using eBay Motors to buy or sell a vehicle. Of course, it includes editorials from David E. Davis, Jr., as well as the spinoff's editor, Jim McCraw. We were particularly interested in the Future Classics section in which Winding Road staff gaze into the crystal ball and call out tomorrow's collectibles. This month's future stars are the just-arrived Shelby GT500 and the now-defunct Dodge Ram SRT-10. The Picks From eBay Motors section also includes vehicles the editors believe are a steal, and in this issue features GM's 1991-96 station wagons and the 1975-88 Volkswagen Scirocco.

If you're a Winding Road fan, you'll check out this new spinoff anyway, but if you've never taken the mag for a test drive, the eBay Motors Edition is a good place to start.

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