eBay Find of the Day: Copperhead Cobra

If you thought 50 Cent was crazy for taking his Lamborghini to Alsa Corp to be painted with a chrome finish, you will flip when you see this. For about 17,500,000 pennies, you can own this Cobra replica that's been skinned in copper. The aptly titled Copperhead Cobra is an example of the roadsters that Kirkham Motorsports has hand-built in a former Polish jet factory. Kirkham Motorsports' claim to fame is its aluminum bodied cars, which utilize the same skills necessary to create an aluminum skin on a Mach 2 capable aircraft. The factory in Poland used their expertise to apply sheets of formed copper over the steel chassis. David Kirkham et al also created a '40 Ford convertible based on the Ford GT with sheets of this brilliant material. Copper certainly is taking off as a fashionable material for the home, but this special Cobra is truly one of a kind.

Thanks for the tip Mike.

We took the liberty to snags some more photos from the seller's gallery, you will find them after the jump.

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