Dj Vu: 2007 VW City Golf, City Jetta for Canada

In the US, VW dealers will be more than happy to sell you one of the new Rabbits, GTIs, or Jettas. Ask for one of the last-generation cars, however, and you'll likely be directed to a pre-owned area, where there should be plenty of off-lease examples to choose from. If you cross the border into Canada, it's a different story entirely. You see, the old Golf and Jetta are still available as 2007 models ... right alongside the new Rabbit and Jetta.

The 2007 City Golf starts at $14,900 CAD ($13,203 USD), while the City Jetta opens at $16,700 CAD ($14,797 USD). At this point, you're wondering why anyone would buy the old cars when the Rabbit starts at $14,990 USD. Simple: In Canada, the Rabbit is a lot more expensive, with a starting price of $19,990 CAD for the 3-door. That's $17,720 USD.

VW Canada execs decided that 20 grand was too high an asking price to simply get into a VW, and so the City Golf and City Jetta were born. As for the cars themselves, everything should be familiar. They get the 115-horsepower 2.0L underhood, and the interiors and exteriors are unchanged from the cars we remember. Actually, check that: they do get "City" badging in back. The City Golf is built in Brazil and the City Jetta comes from Mexico. Both cars come with a nice set of standard equipment and offer decent fuel economy to boot. They still look good, too.

[Source: VW Canada via]

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