RR of the Day: Shot of Cappuccino

This week we bring you another Japanese Kei car, but one infinitely cooler than the Mitsubishi Toppo we featured last week. Today's RR of the Day is a nice Suzuki Cappuccino owned by a gentleman that goes by the Flickr handle benoitcerrina. The Cappuccino is a rear-wheel drive roadster that, because it's a kei car, would easily fit inside the footprint of a Mazda MX-5. Because of its diminutive dimensions and feather-like weight, the Cappuccino is still supposedly a blast to drive despite being powered by a 657cc, turbocharged three-cylinder powerplant that produces only 63 horsepower. We wouldn't know, as none of us have had the pleasure.

This example looks pretty stock, but we found a tuning site called Suzuki Cappuccino Sport that's willing to outfit your Cap with a turbo kit, stainless steel exhaust, sportier springs and an LSD.

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