Sheetz gets more E85 pumps in Pittsburgh

At a Pittsburgh-area Sheetz gas station right about now (the event was scheduled to start at 1:30) six representatives from Sheetz, GM, VeraSun Energy, and the DoE's National Energy Technology Laboratory are fielding questions from the media and just your regular average customer about E85, how it is made and how it can be used. Sheetz, VeraSun and GM have been working in Pennsylvania to make ethanol available at more gas stations for a while, and GM has announced partnerships that have helped or will help open over 160 new E85 stations by the end of the year. The panel at the station is set to mark the opening of an E85 pump at two more Pittsburgh-area stations. VeraSun Energy, the nation's second largest ethanol producer, supplies the fuel. You can see a list of Sheetz locations that offer E85 here.

[Source: Sheetz Inc.]

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