Insurance companies steadily rolling out green machine discounts

In a recent press release, Travelers Insurance company announced that New Jersey is the latest state to receive their 10 percent discount for customers who own a hybrid vehicle. Now at 39 states, Travelers is also offering a central website for those who are considering a hybrid to learn about information such as tax benefits as well as obtaining policy data and insurance quotes.

The Farmers Insurance Group on the other hand extends their green discounts beyond hybrid owners to drivers of other alternative-fuel vehicles, although, flex-fuel capable cars aren't included in the list. The 10 percent discount is currently available in 10 states and a 5 percent discount is available in California. Farmers' discount roll-out will continue by adding seven more states in October, eight in November, 11 in December and four more states at an undisclosed time next year.

The discounts should be great news to eco-minded car buyers as federal credits for hybrids begin to wane.

[Source: Travelers Insurance Company]

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