RR of the Day: Escort abroad

Since it seems like most of the mainstream automotive news will be dominated with comment and analysis of Ford's WF 2.0 plan today, we thought we'd dig up something with a blue oval on it for today's RR of the Day. This car is a Brazilian 1991 Ford Escort XR3 Formula. It represents some of the Escort's higher pedigree that could be found abroad but was never delivered to the U.S. The XR3 joined the RS2000 Escort in 1991, but lacked the latter's larger 2.0-liter turbo engine in favor of a 1.8-liter Zetec. The owner of this example, who goes by the Flickr handle Tabajara-Labs, waited 10 years for this very rare XR3 Formula of which he claims only 750 were built. The Escort here reminds us of the greatest Escort of all time and a car after which I hopelessly pined as a young spud: the Escort RS Cosworth. Yum.

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