More insight into new Alfa Romeo 149

This just in from Info Motori: some concept sketches of Alfa Romeo's upcoming 147-replacement, the 149. OK, so they are just a few more illustrations to go along with the dozen or so others floating around out there, but with Alfa poised for a U.S. comeback and products like the 8C and Brera out there, Alfa is one of our favorite topics of conversation lately.

Although people have been speculating about the new design for more than a year, the renderings put forth have generally fallen into two categories. Some have been evolutions of the hot hatch look with Brera-like front ends, while the remainder have used an 8C type nose. This one falls somewhere in between and doesn't seem to have the elegance of either. The article offers no new information about the running gear besides some speculation about current offerings, but does so in a wonderfully quaint Italian-to-English translation that reminds us of talking to our paesans. Follow the jump for a couple more pics.

[Source: Info Motori]

We can't say the front end is all that attractive compared to its siblings, with the trident grill looking a bit too pinched, sitting low and center between the big headlamp clusters.

The rear uses a big twin circle tail lamp array, but manages to look more GTI than anything.

The interior looks clean and slightly retro with a very simple layout and lots of circles surrounding the built in LCD, mounted just above the shifter.

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