Lease a Bugatti Veyron for $24K a month

While there probably is one or two of you reading this who do actually own a Bugatti Veyron, the other 99.9999999999 percent of us don't and never will. Lots of new car buyers, however, turn to leasing when they want to drive what they can't afford to own. This month's issue of Automobile mag reveals what costs are associated with leasing the most powerful and unofficially fastest production car in the world from Putnam Leasing.

First, if you want to lease a Veyron you'll need to take the college fund you set up for your kids, empty out your 401-K and get an advance on your parents' will to afford the car's $400,000 down payment. Then you'll have to figure out how to scrape together $23,595 for your first month's payment. And then you'll have to repeat that feat another 60 times, as the Veyron is only offered with a five-year lease. You are afforded 2,500 miles a year, which means if you're planning on using the Bugatti as a daily driver you'll be taking the bus a lot. There's no word on what the penalty is for going over that limit, but expect to forego a 50-inch plasma TV for every mile over.

When all is said and done you will have shelled out $1,815,700 for the privilege of driving a Bugatti Veyron without the hassles of ownership, which happens to be over $400,000 more than the car's $1.4 million Buy-it-Now price. D'oh!

[Source: Automobile]

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