Toyota Prius earns spot in Monopoly

It's official, our favorite Monopoly piece did not survive Hasbro's update in its new Here and Now edition. While the trusty racecar (What? You thought we would be fans of the top hat?) can still be found in classic versions of the game, the new 'Here and Now' Limited Edition Game will include the more environmentally friendly Toyota Prius as an icon for modern day transportation. Besides the game piece update, the rest of the game has be revamped to reflect today's world. Airports have replaced railroads, the monetary demominations are significantly higher, and the Community Chest and Chance cards have been updated. Also of note is the change to what properties are listed on the board, "I'll take Times Square New York for $4 Million". If you're a Monopoly fan, we suggest you go out and snap up your own box of the Monopoly Here and Now Limited edition, but if you invite us over to play, be prepared to see our smuggled racecar do donuts as we build a hotel on the Fenway Park property (good thing we passed the Go to Jail space!).

[Source: CBS4 Miami via AutoblogGreen]

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