Every Segway ever sold recalled

Imagine if Ford were forced to recall every vehicle it had ever sold all the way back to the Quadracycle of the 1890s. That's what Segway Inc. is facing with a recall announced that involves all 23,500 Segway Human Transporters that have been sold since March of 2002. The recall involves a software glitch that could cause a Segway to unexpectedly apply reverse torque, essentially backing up, and possibly tossing the rider over the handlebars. You see, this is why we prefer sitting down while traveling.
Segway has received six reports of this happening that have resulted in head and wrist injuries, but the fix appears to fast and easy. Any owner can take his or her Segway to a local service provider and get a free software upgrade that purportedly fixes the problem.

[Source: Segway, Inc. via Engadget]

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