Auto thieves get stuck on new deterrent

Some of you may remember the sci-fi action flick, Demolition Man, starring Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone. Aside from the laughable script, the movie featured some good action, funny scenes with Dennis Leary, and some cool cars. One of the film's futuristic vehicles even demonstrated an advancement on the airbag idea in the shape of a quickly expanding foam that sealed the occupants inside the vehicle during a crash, thus protecting them from harm.

Flash forward (or is that backwards) to the present, and a similar product is now being touted as a theft deterrent. US firm Fujitsu Ten has found a way to use expanding foam to trap would-be car thieves in their seats. When movement is detected, some liquid chemical is released that rapidly expands to fill the whole car. The perp is trapped inside but can easily be cut free with a hot wire. The device has received a US Patent, but no customers as of yet.

Aside from being very embarassed from being trapped in a giant Cool Whip container, Johnny Low Jack is also going to be pretty upset when you send the cleaning bill for your car to his jail cell.

[Source: Auto Express]

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