BTCC news: Fiona bows out

Some of you may have noticed that despite being "green," I'm a pretty big motorsports fan, so when drivers like Fiona Leggate, Colin Turkington, Rob Collard and Jason Hughes take to the track on eco-friendly fuel, I get pretty excited. Unfortunately, the latest news on the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) circuit is that Fiona Leggate is dropping out of the 2006 season with just two races left due to budget problems.

Energy Efficient Motorsport (EEMS) who backed Leggate's E85 Thurlby Motors Boston Bowl Astra Coupe was disappointed to make the annoucement, but said they would back the Astra if it competes in the final two races as the car is also testing the EEMS fuel flow metering system which was developed by Ricardo and Pi Research as part of a technical study of equivalence standards for different fuels.

In spite of the bad news, 2006 has seen four cars compete on E85 in the BTCC. We wish the best for the remaining ethanol-powered drivers and hope that Leggate makes a strong comeback in 2007.

[Source: Auto Industry]

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