RR of the Day: Beware the sleeper, Turbo Mirage

Oh, how we love us some "Q-ships" and it doesn't get more unassuming than this 1989 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo.

Sharing a platform with its stable mate, the Dodge Colt GT, only 1500 examples were produced. The factory-equipped 1.6 DOHC mill was outfitted with a turbo, but no intercooler and was able to churn out 145 hp in stock trim. Four-wheel disc brakes and some trick suspension tuning, made this the ultimate sleeper back in '89, but times, they've changed.

So, the Autoblog reader with the apt name 'TurboMirage' decided that the stock power plant had to keep up with the Joneses. To quote T.M., swapping the 2-liter 4G63 engine from a turbo Eclipse "was an extremely simple, plug and play affair" since both motors share much of the same components and dimensions. The new heart, when attached to the stock tranny and outfitted with equal length half-shafts, creates an estimated 400 hp and, according to Mr. Mirage, limited torque steer.

Getting up to the four hundred mark involved HKS camshafts, uprated injectors, a Mitsubishi 20G snail and a 3" turbo-back expelling the exhaust. All that adds up to a claimed quarter-mile run of 11.67 seconds at a stupidly quick 123 MPH.

The best part: no visual additions beyond some tinted glass and upgraded wheels/tires. Keep it sleeper Senor Mirage and yes, we'll even plug your website.

Click on through for an engine shot.

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