A roadster that runs on CNG

John Green wants to sell the Eco-Fueler American Roadster for under $20,000. So far Green and his partners have 350 orders for the 3-wheeler motorcycle designed as a roadster with a removable top.

The concept was shown at the Los Angeles and Portland auto shows as well as an agriculture expo. Production will start next month and the company wants to build up to 150 vehicles per month when fully online.

The Eco-Fueler gets 70mpg burning compressed natural gas, which costs around 62 cents a gallon and equates to about a penny per mile. It's designed to be commuter vehicle, weekend cruiser or dingy behind an RV. Owners could fill the two 8-gallon fuel tanks from their home. Green says the car's designer used to design vehicles for Mickey Thompson, so the steel frame, roll bar and suspension are safe. Top speed is 120mph. It can carry 3 people and offers amenities such as a heater and sound system. See the company's Web site for more info.

[Source: Associated Press via Jackson County Mail Tribune]

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