$44,000 study will say biodiesel not the "silver bullet" for crude crisis

Kline & Company is drawing attention to a study called "Global Business Opportunities in Biodiesel fuels, 2006-2016" that the company plans to release in early 2007. Priced at $44,000 (with a $6,600 discount if you order before November 30), the study is designed to be a comprehensive assessment of the global market for biodiesel products. Prospective customers include those in feed production, manufacturing, marketing and oil.

The latest news release says biodiesel will not eliminate petroleum-based diesel fuels but may serve to "balance the competitive landscape." According to preliminary research for the Kline study, there isn't enough raw material available on the world scale to replace petroleum-based diesel. A Kline expert said all the corn and soy in the U.S. could only meet about 15 percent of the current demand.

On the business side, the Kline study will indicate biodiesel presents opportunities for raw material suppliers and producers and "holds promise for food conglomerates and other members in the food chain." Kline experts also suggest the oil industry should invest in biodiesel technology and forge partnerships.

[Source: Kline & Company]

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