Just how interested are you in biodiesel? $44,000 interested?

What is it with biodiesel and ultra-expensive market reports? I thought $12,500 for a 150-page market survey was a lot, but now Kline & Company is blowing my mind with a $44,000 market research study called "Global Business Opportunities in Biodiesel Fuels, 2006-2016" that will be published next year. Oh, and if you order your copy before the middle of August, they'll take $8,500 off the price.
I jest, but really I'm glad to see that there are groups that are taking biodiesel seriously, and I know putting together all the various factors about how the biodiesel market will grow and change in the next decade isn't easy, but wow. Growing demand for the biofuel and pro-biodiesel legislation taking effect around the globe is prompting the report. Kline & Company says that their report will "examine global supply and demand analysis and forecasts from a biodiesel feedstock, biodiesel additives, and biodiesel perspective. It will also provide an examination of manufacturing cost economics, a price forecast and economic viability analysis, and an assessment of competitive threats to biodiesel fuels. Profiles of leading feedstock, additive, and formulated biodiesel suppliers and their leading customers will also be provided." I hope it's worth it.

[Source: Kline & Company]

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