The future of diesel in America looks ... good?

Diesel vehicles have had a hard time in America. Their market share is always far below standard ICEs, and recently automakers have had to eliminate models to deal with new and stricter emissions laws. With Mercedes' recent announcement that the E320 Bluetec would be compliant with emission laws in 45 states and not 50 as originally promised, it can be expected that diesel advocates see even darker times ahead. That's not how David at Auto Future sees it. In his post on the future of diesel in America, he says predicts that a diesel boom will happen for two reasons. First, luxury manufacturers (like BMW and Mercedes) are expanding their diesel technologies (like a newly-developed NOx adsorber). Second, Honda, one of the most mainstream of auto companies, has also got new diesel technology with their electric-powered plasma reactor. David sees Chrysler and Ford doing all right in the future diesel market, but GM suffering.

[Source: Auto Future]

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