Is Ford robbing Boeing's boardroom?

A Reuters article released today suggests that Ford's new CEO Alan Mulally could attract a whole group of defecting executives from Boeing Co., Mulally's previous employer. Apparently Mulally is a pretty good guy to work for, being described by Reuters as a charismatic leader with a loyal following accrued over his 37-year tenure at Boeing.
The jury is still out on whether or not Mulally's experience makes him the right man for the job, so one must also ask whether a team of Boeing ex-pats would be better capable of restoring Ford to its former glory or would only make things worse.

While everyone is saying Mulally has valuable experience in manufacturing, operations, labor and supplier relations, etc., in an interview with Bloggingstocks, Brent Wilsey of Wilsey Asset Management makes the very good point that Mulally has never faced more than one competitor: Airbus. Now Mulally will have to face the likes of General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, the Koreans and soon the Chinese in a market that's begin to resemble an overstocked coy pond.

Mulally's impact on Ford, whether good or bad, is at least a couple of years out, so sit back and get comfortable.

[Source: Reuters, Blogginstocks]

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