9ff brings the pain with the new 911 Turbo

9ff, who has jumped into the super tuner wars with some of the fastest Porsches ever made, is now working their mojo on the new 997 Turbo. After bursting onto the scene with their 996 GT2 (that briefly claimed the world's fastest car title before Koenigsegg and then Bugatti upped the ante), has more recently turned their attention to the lowly Cayman S, adding a measly 125 hp. But with the debut of the new 997 Turbo, it was only a matter of time. Unlike the cosmetic tweaks offered by the recently announced TechArt 997 Turbo, 9ff is more focused on speed with this latest offering.

Taking an already superior automobile and making it even faster isn't for everybody, but for those that want that little extra something, 9ff is among a handful of shops that will gladly take your Euros and give you reliable horsepower gains that will allow you to feel like you're the king of the world. Three stages of tune will be available ranging from 535 hp to an LP640-beating 640. Stage IIIs should be able to top out at 213 mph when given enough space and throttle. Wonder when we can get one for the Autoblog garage.

[Source: WorldCarFans]

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