Hey look, three more biofuel plants opening in the Midwest, one in Texas

SSOE, an architecture and engineering firm in Toledo, announced Friday it will build three new biofuel plants in Iowa, Ohio and Mississippi. Mason City, Iowa and Burnsville, Mississippi get 30 million gallon per year (mgpy) biodiesel plants that will use soybeans as biomass, and Lima, Ohio will get a 20-mgpy corn ethanol plant. SSOE Senior Project Manager Mark Hoffman said the biofuel plants are environmentally and often readily accepted by local communities.
"First there is the question of the environmental impact - the byproducts of ethanol are soap and water. An ethanol spill results in complete evaporation - unlike an oil spill - and it is not flammable, reducing the risk of explosion. The same goes for biodiesel; the byproducts are glycerin and soap stock," Hoffman said in a press release. SSOE stands for Samborn, Steketee, Otis & Evans, partners in the firm in the 1950s.

In other biofuel plant news, Panda Ethanol Inc. announced last week it will build a 100 mgpy ethanol facility in Sherman County, Texas. The plant will use about 40 million bushels of corn and milo a year and will generate the steam it needs to make the ethanol by gasifying more than one billion pounds of cattle manure a year.

[Source: SSOE, Inc., Panda Ethanol Inc.]

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