Forbidden Fuel author interviewed by Domestic Fuel

If you – like me – are still learning lots about the ethanol scene, then Bill Kovarik has got some information for you (us). Twenty-five years ago Kovarik wrote a book about the history of ethanol called Forbidden Fuel, and he is currently working on an updated version. Kovarik was willingly caught on tape by Cindy over at Domestic Fuel for an interview recently. Kovarik is passionate (as you can see over at his website) about getting the facts of leaded gasoline vs. ethyl alcohol gasoline out. His site includes Ten Myths about Leaded Gasoline, links to a 2000 cover story on leaded fuel in The Nation, and Kovarik's academic work on topics like "The 1920s Environmental Conflict Over Leaded Gasoline and Alternative Fuels" and "Sixty Years of Tetraethyllead. How the Best Known Poison on Earth Remained in the Gasoline Supply for Sixty Years". Worth checking out.
[Source: Domestic Fuel]

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