Bonnie Raitt's Green Highway efforts to conserve fuel

I found this interesting set of links quite by accident after reading a review of a Bonnie Raitt concert. Raitt, a longtime environmental activist, and Kathy Kane launched the Green Highway Eco-Village project a few years ago and it's following Raitt on her current tour.

Now operated by a non-profit group called Reverb, the village is an interactive display that promotes hybrids, bio diesel and other forms of alternative fuel and energy resources. Reverb also works with other rock acts, including Dave Mathews. The idea is to offer an interactive environmental awareness exhibit that music fans can enjoy before the concert or during intermission.

Bonnie's tour busses are fueled with B20, a mix of 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel, and some power for her concerts come from renewable sources, including wind.


[Source: Idaho Mountain Express]

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