Track day number 1 with Koenigsegg CCX

"That's one hot Swede." Not sure who said it, but if this phrase conjures up images of the Swedish bikini team, you might be disappointed to learn he was referring to the CCX. Then again, you somehow found your way to Autoblog, so maybe not.

The desert mirage-like air distortion coming off the engine as it pulled into the pits seemed to indicate the car might be struggling with the triple-digit Las Vegas heat. Far from it though. This particular vehicle has seen much harsher treatment. Make the jump for the rest of the story and some desktop-sized clickable pics.
The CCX we had at the track with us is the very same one that has been around the globe, being thrashed within an inch of its driver's life by everybody from Top Gear's Stig to Manny K. Manny might not be as familiar to Autobloggers as The Stig, but he's well known to the staff at Exotic Cars at Caesars Palace, having attended Sunday night's VIP unveiling and joining us at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway today for our first track sessions behind the wheel. You'll all be happy to know that the car is still in one piece. And although there were a couple of sphincter-puckering moments for some of the drivers today, the car performed flawlessly and stayed mainly on the track.

The most common comment we heard from drivers exiting the driver's seat at the end of their laps was something like, "I really expected it to go fast, but the way it brakes and turns!" With Justin Bell helping out with coaching, and assuring the drivers that the car could indeed handle pushing the ludicrous speed button, some of them decided to take up the challenge and hold the loud pedal down as long as Justin said to. Mindful of the line of other customers waiting in the partial shade at trackside, everybody behaved themselves and the car appears to be fine and ready for us to take our turns tomorrow.

First impressions of the car are that it sounds great, it looks very powerful and freaking launches from turn to turn. Can't quite put my finger on what the sound reminds me of, but it is something that lives on a trailer and a track and not in a garage. Interesting to hear Justin bell describe the driving experience to the McLaren F1 and Mercedes-McLaren SLR. He actually likes the SLR because it's so easy to jump in and go fast. And then you start learning where you can push it a little harder to make it go even faster. Compare that to something that is brutal and powerful and nervous and scary and you either jump into the deep end and learn to swim or drown trying. He said the Koenigsegg is somewhere between the two extremes.

That's all we have for today, except some incredible photos (yes, they are mine, but still really cool) and a quick mention of the fact that LVMS is right across the street from Nellis Air Force Base. Apparently somebody mentioned to the guys over at the base that we were running a supercar around the proving grounds course so they showed off a little themselves and treated us to quite a few flybys, even some formation stuff from the Thunderbirds themselves. Must get going for now. We need to mentally prepare for our first drive in an 806 hp supercar. Enjoy and tune in tomorrow night for our first drive impressions!

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