Tesla Motors "sells out" of Signature 100 Roadsters

I feel bad I missed this note on the Tesla Motors website last week, but the Signature 100 Tesla Roadsters (i.e., the first 100 that will be produced) have "sold out". The Signature models include upgraded features (a hard top, leather interiors, navigation system, etc.) and all the standard features (PIN-based security, limited-range valet mode, etc.). Tesla says that response for their electric sports car was greater than they anticipated, but I think we can all agree that they did their part in building up demand, can't we?

No matter, the good news is that these 100 cars represent about ten million dollars worth of investment in the company and the brand. Tesla Motors can use the $100,000 from the 100 people who have reserved a Roadster to develop not only the manufacturing process the company will use, but also better technologies (the batteries, for example) that will be used in later models. Some of the folks who will get their hands on a Signature Tesla Roadster are Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, computer executive Ben Rosen, Valor Equity Partners chairman Victor Morgenstern and Jim Marver, who co-founded Vantage Point Venture Partners and sits on the Tesla board.

If you really wanted to get a Tesla Roadster but wanted that recent check to deposit before sending money to Tesla, fear not. The company is currently taking reservations for the next 100 Tesla Roadsters to be built. So get your $75,000 ready and then save up for the rest. The Roadsters should be delivered in the fall of 2007.

[Source: Tesla Motors]

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