DaimlerChrysler introduces E class diesel in Japan

Today Hans Tempel, president of DaimlerChrysler Japan, introduced in Tokyo the new E Class Mercedes, including the diesel powered E320 CDI. The sales of diesel cars in Japan last year added up to just 0.2 percent of the country's total car sales. This minimal amount of market share reflects the image diesel cars have in Japan. For the majority of consumers, diesel cars are slow, loud and sooty. But DiamlerChrysler hopes to be successful with the introduction of the E320 CDI, equipped with what it calls "Clean Diesel Technology". The only other diesel car sold in Japan is the Toyota Prado Land Cruiser SUV. The market for fuel-sipping diesel powered cars in Japan is expected to grow significantly with growing oil prices, and the goal of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. To further help the diesel engine's case in Japan, it is priced 20 percent cheaper than gasoline.
[Source: Reuters]

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