Car carrying motor coach debuts in Germany

Have you ever noticed how many Saturns are towed behind motorhomes on our nation's highways? The reason is because most Saturns are part of a small group of vehicles that don't require the installation of a lube pump to circulate the transmission fluid in order to be towed with all four wheels on the ground. The problem is that most people who are wealthy enough to own an upscale RV wouldn't be caught dead in a Saturn under normal circumstances.

German RV manufactuer Volkner Mobile has developed a solution to this problem that's currently being shown off at the International Caravan Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. The motorcoach on display features a mobile garage situated between the front and rear axles that can stow lower cars like the BMW Z4, MINI Cooper convertible and Mercedes-Benz SLK. The system introduces your vacation cruiser laterally into the RV's belly on a slideout platform and can accomodate vehicles up to five meters in length. No more hauling Saturns or renting Mustang convertibles when you get there.

[Source: Daily Times via Winding Road]

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