"McFly! Hoverboards don't work on water!" Truer words were never spoken, and traditional garage floor creepers also don't work very well when encountering floor cracks, misplaced bolts and rogue washers. The Hover Creeper invented by Davison International takes us one step closer to that futuristic world forecasted in Back to the Future II and also addresses some of those significant shortcomings of your current creeper.

The Hover Creeper is basically a hovercraft for your back that floats on a 1/2 inch cushion of air. You plug your air compressor into its base and off you go. Don't fret though, you can still power your pneumatic wrench by plugging it into the air outlets on either side of the Hover Creeper. There are also tool trays built into both sides so your favorite tools can glide under the car with you. Fair warning, though, the Hover Creeper doesn't work on water, either.

[Source: Davison International via Foursprung]

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