Drive Right, Pass Left cure to congestion woes?

There are very few things that truly piss us off when behind the wheel. While inattention and ignorance seem to top that list, there is one specific act that infuriates us beyond description and causes our fuel-enriched blood to boil. Ladies and gentlemen (and yes, we know we're preaching to the choir on this one), the left lane is for one thing and one thing only, now say it with me. PASSING!

One solution to this overwhelming social problem may be the advent of Although in its infancy, the site seeks to be the definitive information source for laws, opinions and research of one of the cardinal commandments in all of motordom.

The site takes a definitive stance on why the law should be enforced, provides statistics that reinforce the argument (although certain stats can be skewed, i.e. crashes per capita vs. crashes per mile driven) and why the overall traffic situation is so bad, plus how it can be fixed cheaply and overnight.

We'll hope against hope that somehow this gets picked up by every major network, finds its way onto the front page of every newspaper and website, gets taught in driver's education and reinforced when you pay your registration at the DMV. The idealist in us thinks there's a chance, but the realist won't allow us to dream. Damn you reality, damn you.

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