Q&A with chief executive of the National Corn Growers Association

For some reason, you can't use a credit card to buy E85 at the one pump in St. Louis that sells the ethanol-fuel blend. That's one interesting tidbit from this Q&A with Rick Tolman, Chief executive of the National Corn Growers Association, from the St. Loius Post-Dispatch. The article asks if ethanol production is going overboard (Tolman says no) and why corn growers are asking for new mandates to increase demand for biofuels. Tolman says that the U.S. will be able to meet the federal mandate of 7-and-a-half billion gallons by 2012 next year. Luckily, demand is increasing and 200-million-gallons-a-year ethanol plants are coming to meet the demand.

For the future, Tolman sees new ethanol production technologies kicking in to make ethanol more efficiently and farming communities succeeding because of their "coup" of having an ethanol plant. Farmers and environmentalists are getting along much better these days, too, he says. You can read the whole thing here. Unfortunately, here's no explanation about the credit card thing.

[Source: St. Louis Today]

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