JCB Dieselmax breaks own land-speed record, shoots to 328 mph

That's one fast diesel. And the JCB Dieselmax is even faster now that it has taken the FIA international land speed record for a diesel-powered vehicle with a speed of 328.767 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah yesterday. Just last week, the JCB Dieselmax's world speed record was 317.021. The Dieselmax is propelled by two Ricardo JCB444-LSR engines.

The speed record might just be Ricardo engineers having a bit of fun as they work on "achieving the world's cleanest diesel exhaust emissions standard (U.S. Tier II / Bin 2), as well as the roll-out in June of the Efficient-C hybrid diesel demonstrator vehicle, which boasts one of the world's most energy-efficient powertrains". The JCB444-LSR engines use the "Ricardo High Speed Diesel Race (HSDR) combustion system, which the company originally developed for competition applications. It also shares many technologies, which Ricardo is developing in order to make the vehicles of tomorrow more energy efficient and less polluting. In addition to diesel particulate filters for example, the JCB DIESELMAX includes technologies such as two-stage inter-cooled turbo-charging, high pressure fuel injection and a low compression ratio, low temperature combustion system. All of these technologies are being developed by Ricardo for application on the high performance, ultra-low emissions diesel vehicles of the future", the company said.

JCB Dieselmax wins Bonneville speed record with 317 mph measured-mile

[Source: Ricardo]

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