eBay Find of the Day: 1972 Porsche 916

For the uninitiated it looks like a standard Porsche 914, only with a hardtop mounted in place of the normal targa top. For those in the know however, it represents the glorious amalgamation of two legendary vehicles.

The Porsche 916 began life as a humble 914, but through the addition of a metal roof, fiberglass fender flares and a 190 hp, 911S engine transplant, it became one of the most rare vehicles to come out of Stuttgart. At the time, the 916 was the fastest Porsche made, with a 0-60 time under the seven second mark and with the addition of pressurized shocks, stiffer springs, modified sway bars and four-wheel discs, it can only be imagined how it improved upon the already potent 914.

A total of eleven models were produced in 1972 and the whereabouts of most are unknown. This may be the only example stateside and it currently resides in the Bay Area. The auction ends this Saturday and is fast approaching the $200k mark as you read this. So for those of you with the means, don't hesitate to place your bid and make it a point to stop by on your way out of town to give us a spin.

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