JCB Dieselmax does it!

Achieves new world land speed record with record two-way run of 328.767 mph

Today driver Andy Green drove the JCB Dieselmax to a new world land speed record for diesel-powered cars by achieving an average speed of 328.767 mph on two runs. The JCB Dieselmax team spent the last two days replacing the car's 600-bhp practice engines with 750-bhp "record" versions. Driver Andy Green piloted the car for both runs reaching 324 mph on the first run and 333 mph on the second. The new record, which is still subject to official confirmation, breaks the previous record of 236 mph set in 1973 by nearly, but not quite, 100 mph. Green believes there's still more left in the Dieselmax and the team will be tinkering with the car before making additional runs later in the week.

[Source: JCBDieselmax and 4Car]

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