Cruzin Cooler: Coolest scooter in town

We have to admit, lugging around a cooler full of bevereages is not fun for lazy people like us. The Cruzin Cooler, however, let's us ride that cooler across the parking lot at speeds up to 15 mph. While the Cruizin Cooler might look like a backyard project, it ain't. The scooter features four gas or electric powerplants to choose from, any of which will still allow the transportation of 24+ cans and a bag of ice. It features pneumatic tires and disc brakes, is chain driven, has retractable foot pegs and a built-in cup holder on the cooler's lid so you can drink on the go. Various colors are available and prices range from $349 for the 50-300XE powered by a 300 watt electric motor to $499 for the range topping 50-39XG powered by a 39cc four-stroke gas engine with a range of 30 miles. They even offer the Coolagon, an unpowered trailer/wagon with greater storage capacity that hitches to the back of the Cruzin Cooler. We wouldn't have believed the existence of these things if we hadn't seen one at the Woodward Dream Cruise this year with our own eyes.

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[Source: Cruzin Cooler via Ubergizmo via Foursprung]

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