'57 Chevy for sale again 50 years later

CARS Inc. announced this past weekend at the 2006 Woodward Dream Cruise that the 1957 Chevy Convertible will be making a comeback. The Detroit-based company will be producing '57 Chevy steel bodies in three variations: body only, body on chassis and complete turn-key cars. The first two examples were on hand at the Dream Cruise to immediately transport revelers back to a time when gas was $.28/gallon. One was a silver turnkey car with a 2006 Corvette engine and modern underpinnings (wow) and the other a "body in white" unfinished version placed atop an Art Morrisson performance chassis.

All of the '57 Chevy Convertible bodies built by CARS Inc. start with an original ' 57 Chevy Cowl (dash, A-pillar and firewall) around which fresh sheetmetal is added. This allows each car to be considered as officially "restored", complete with a VIN number from the car that donated the cowl. I-go-cars.com reports that pricing has yet to be determined, but CARS Inc. plans to keep the price of a turn-key car at or below what restored '57 Chevy Convertibles are going for at auction, which is around $70,000 to $100,000. A body alone will likely start in the $30k range.

[Source: i-go-cars.com]

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