Aston Martin speculators are losing out

Whenever a hot new vehicle is announced, potential buyers flock to dealerships to put down deposits and add their name to waiting lists. Most are motivated by the joy of being first, while others are motivated by the almighty dollar. In our minds, the jury is still out on these prospect buyers and the morality of their motivations, but whatever the market will endure is fine by us.

However, this automotive crapshoot is not without its risks, as evidenced by the over abundance of Aston Martin V8 Vantages flooding the used car market across the pond. The supposed 911-fighter was expected to have a two- to three-year waiting list, but according to 4Car, Autotrader is listing over 50 Vantages, with prices ranging from £80-90k depending on what marks were checked off in the options menu. This, coupled with a quicker-than-expected production schedule for new vehicles, is causing speculation buyers to sit on their vehicles for longer periods of time.

As this same trend has played itself out numerous times before (the first Miata and the Cayman come to mind), what's your take on prospect buying? Your opinions can find a voice in 'comments.'

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